3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Happiness

9 thoughts on “3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Happiness”

  1. Cait! Love this! Totally reminds me of a book I read once called “The Happiness Advantage” by Sean Achor. He argues the same point that happiness isn’t some perpetual horizon that we chase after which exists in that which we don’t have or in that which we have yet to achieve (the “I’ll be happy when…(insert Jazz win the finals , lose 20 lbs, etc.)) Rather, he says that the exact opposite is true, that when we choose to be happy, everything else seems more in our grasp. We start to get the promotions at work, the girl in class starts to notice us, and yes, maybe even the Utah Jazz will shock the world a la GS Warriors. It’s the choice that we make, the decision that we consciously commit to, that brings about the results; not the contrary.

  2. Wow! Who are you and what have you done with my little sister? That was amazing. I may be the birth right child but you are the wisdom child. I can’t wait to hear what else you come up with.

  3. Thank you Caitlyn, that’s all I can say. You are a strong influence for good and many need you. Thank you for sharing your testimony and always listening to the spirit. Your family – you, Tuck, and your little boys are all meant to do amazing things on this earth and you already are doing just that, you always have. Love ya!

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