Why Spending More Is Spending Less

11 thoughts on “Why Spending More Is Spending Less”

  1. Well said. I have always tried to buy the best I could afford. At different times in my life that has varied. Usually I get something better than the cheapest but not the most expensive. That has paid off for me quite well. For instance, my microwave. It is now 30+ years old and going strong. Not the most expensive but a good quality.

    1. Give it to your teacher… no copyright necessary. But really.. I live by the phrase “you get what you pay for”. That’s why I’ve stopped shopping at Payless Shoes.

  2. I’m sorry I missed this little back pack Adventure. I’d love to know which brother it was. I’ve narrowed it down to two…. Great thoughts however. You are spot on!

  3. Some great thoughts here. I have stopped buying shoes at big 5 for the same reason, they just don’t last! Also, we did the same dumb backpack purchase for Weston once. The pack was broken before he was home from his first adventure! I’m so glad for this tip!!

  4. Well said Cait. I had to learn this the hard way. Nowadays when I am looking to make a purchase I first decide how much I am willing to pay for the item and then I do my research. I look at product reviews, warranties, and how well the different options will perform the needed tasks. Following these guidelines has helped me sane money and buy quality products.

    1. No kidding.. I guess it only take two pair of hiking boots and two backpacks to get this concept. Warranties and reviews will be touched on in another post 🙂

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